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An Open Letter For RiverPark Residents

Dear Oxnard Voters,

Tomorrow is our last chance to change our City. We all have only one vote and many of you may feel your one vote can’t change Oxnard. Together, our collective one vote can change Oxnard. I believe and I’m asking one last time that you believe our collective voice can be heard; I’m asking that you vote for me tomorrow for Oxnard City Council.

RiverPark Resident, Orlando Dozier, Oxnard City Council Candidate

Here’s a fun fact; did you know that Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez lost by only 38 votes when she first ran for City Council to Councilman Brain MacDonald? Councilwoman Ramirez won her next election with thousands of votes to spare and is now in a competitive race for Mayor this year. In the 2008 election, 38 votes made a difference and with 13 candidates, this year will probably be just as close.

I will give your vote a voice and I will always answer to the residents of Oxnard first. So, let’s all vote to take back our City!

Orlando Dozier
Candidate for Oxnard City Council

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