If you, or someone you know is looking for full or part time work, or just wants to make some extra cash, check this out!

RiverPark 411

Over the past few months my wife, Grace, and I have recently teamed up with some of our friends in Ventura County to brainstorm how we can help people thrive in this tough economic environment, and help reboot and protect their personal finances.

My wife has her degree in Business Management and loves economic theory, and accounting (i.e. counting money, especially if it’s her own). In any case, we looked into the concept for a new business based on the following criteria:

1. Low overhead, minimal startup, or no franchise fees.

2. Our products had to be something everyone already has, or should have.

3.  Enable people to earn money while they learn our business, and keep their full time job.

4. Absolutely no inventory packages to carry on the books.

5. Implement time tested marketing and distribution plans that have been proven to be successful.

Out of these requirements…

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