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It’s Been A Long Time Between Posts

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I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but not to make excuses, I’ve had other priorities creep up in my life that required my attention.

As you know, from the tone of my earlier posts, I have been actively engaged in helping people navigate the troubled waters of our real estate market. I have had clients from all walks of life, from doctors to servicemen, get engulfed in what I earlier referred to as “The Foreclosure Tsunami”. It’s been satisfying when I have had success in getting short sales approvals for these people and frustrated when banks and lenders play games with people and their families for no logical reason.

If banks can forgive high income clients who got into trouble, they should forgive all servicemen and servicemen who are in harm’s way, as well as all our neighbors who were unfortunate to get caught up in the Real Estate bubble that was ginned up by Wall Street and the very banks that are foreclosing on the American Dream.

Our government, often called, “The Best Government Money Can Buy”, has doled out about 3 TRILLION U.S. Dollars to bailout these very banks and investors who helped create this mess without any conditions of performance to qualify to receive the bailout money. Geeze, this is like handing over a bunch of cash to a stranger and trusting him to deliver on unspecified services. What did our government expect in return for 3 trillions dollars is my question. Wouldn’t you expect the current administration that approved most of the bailouts expect some sort of accountability? Shouldn’t the President be pressing his Attorney General to investigate where the 3 trillion went, and how it was used? At the very least, don’t American Taxpayers deserve an explanation why the Bailout isn’t working and why we aren’t the ones getting bailed out?

Check out this link and see who received bailouts and is receiving bailouts.

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